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Harnessing the power of history

Historic Productions tells the story of your location, property or business with a unique, custom made suite of media. Your story deserves more than a few fuzzy pictures and dull text - it’s what brings your world to life, and our award-winning and diverse team is here to do that just for you.

The Value
of Heritage

Heritage is Context.

Context gives things meaning. Knowing the meaning of something leads to deeper more meaningful experiences, creating a sense of belonging and understanding, a sense of attachment and community.



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What value can heritage bring to my business?

A commercial advantage:

  • Interactive media drives traffic straight to your booking site, not via a 3rd party

  • Pioneering guest experience enhancement

  • Brand advantage through unique content

  • Long-term recoup of funds spent on planning permissions and restoration costs

  • Increase employee wellbeing and retention

What Do
We Do?

We transform history

Historic Productions provides a menu of services that are customised entirely for your location, values and objectives. We will deliver a curated package of media, retail strategy and implementation that will be tailored for your unique needs.

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We Offer


  • Visual Media

    Drone footage featuring digital infographics. Interactive visualisations of your property with guides. Digital reconstructions of your historic environment. Interviews with owners, architects and guests.

    • Publications and guides
    • Publications and guides
    • Publications and guides
    • Publications and guides
    • Publications and guides

    Publications and guides

    With handcrafted illustrations and architectural drawings.

    • Exhibitions and Retail units
    • Exhibitions and Retail units

    Exhibitions and Retail units

    Curated for your location, using your artefacts to tell the story of your building.

    • Events


    Our team has curated events ranging from conferences to fancy dress balls in historic locations around the UK. Recent venues include the Hellfire Caves, Spencer House and the Union Club.


We will work with you to curate a package of media that aligns seamlessly with your own branding, media and marketing, making your story sing.

  • Site survey and stakeholder analysis

    Site survey and stakeholder analysis

  • Menu presentation and selection

    Menu presentation and selection

  • Design and delivery (3-6 months)

    Design and delivery

  • Installation




James Hooper founded Historic Productons following 10 years as the UK Director of the Global Heritage Fund, working on UNESCO World Heritage Sites from China to Colombia. He’s spent years seeking innovative ways of empowering people to become stewards of their own heritage. Around the world, he’s used the power of heritage to create bonds that drive business and development for entire communities.

Our team of associates includes artisans from across the architectural, media and heritage sectors who share a passion for bringing the past to life with their skill and craftsmanship:

Ed Shepherd, photographer

Noel Sexton, digital media

Oliver Blackwell, photographer

Patrick Schulenberg, film maker

Thomas Chandler, virtual heritage

Rufus Blackwell, aerial vfx artist

Zeynep Iqbal, architectural designer

Tom Fair, creative content

Hannah Shimko, interpretation

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